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The Innovation Kitchen

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What Is the Innovation Kitchen?

The Innovation Kitchen, known simply as The Kitchen, is a space designed for collaborative meetings, brainstorming, and creative thinking. Here, discussions are public and everyone is invited to every meeting, including passers-by and staff taking a break or having lunch. The intent is to encourage cross-team communication and sharing of knowledge, perspectives, and ideas.

Among the features of the the Kitchen are walls covered whiteboard paint, comfortable furniture, puzzles and brainstorming resources, a popcorn cart, and an espresso machine.

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Hold a Meeting in The Kitchen

The Kitchen features two reservable meeting spaces, called Conversation Pits, alternatives to formal meeting settings. Conversation Pit #1 features the projector and comfortable couches; Conversation Pit #2 has two large whiteboard walls and armchairs.

To reserve one of the spaces, use Outlook as you would for other conference spaces and look for 25SP Kitchen (Conversation Pit #1) and 25SP Kitchen (Conversation Pit #2).

Here are some tips on holding a successful brainstorming session in The Kitchen:

  • Make it point to invite members outside of your team.
  • Establish ground rules and a specific purpose or goal.
  • Be an impartial meeting leader and allow all ideas and
    suggestions be heard.
  • Assign a scribe to take notes and record ideas.
  • Begin with a humanizing warm-up activity. It can be as simple as asking what people did last weekend.
  • Instruct attendees to postpone criticism and tame the urge to judge.
  • Ask participants to listen. Now is not the time to check email.
  • Don’t be afraid to write and draw on the walls.
  • Use the resources (idea cards) and objects (puzzles and beanbags) in the area to stimulate thinking.

Bryan Kazdanthe Interactive Projector System

The interactive projector in Conversation Pit #1 is connected to AppleTV and a managed PC workstation.

This system allows users to project presentations, web content, and application screens during a meeting. To show a presentation or desktop, Mac users can mirror their displays using AirPlay. PC users can mirror their desktops by downloading and installing AirParrot software from the Software Library.

The system's interactive capabilities allow users to take notes, create sketches, and annotate projected images using digital pens on the screen. Notes written on the digital whiteboard software can be exported to Box, Central File Service, or email. Presentations and other files can be retrieved from those places as well.

Instructions on how to use the system are posted near the projector wall panel.

View the instructions online.