About ITS

Yale ITS Committees


ITS Advisory Committee – (ITSAC) 
Acts as an advisory and sounding board for ITS services, policy and issues that impact the campus at large.
Technology Architecture Committee – (TAC) 
Defines technology architectural standards and ensures adherence to enterprise standards and perspectives. Defines standard approaches for introducing new architecture and technology initiatives.
Technology Initiatives Committee – (TIC) 
Provides strategic oversight for the TOC as well as IT capital and strategic planning cycles. Proposes the annual technology portfolio to University Officers.

IT Special Interest and Program Committees

  Academic Administration Program Committee
The Academic Administration Program Committee provides input and guidance on IT projects executed for faculty, staff and students. 
  Business Systems Committee
Provides oversight and guidance on IT projects executed by the Business Systems Group (BSG). Members may be asked to help influence and vet decisions across all program stakeholders, including obtaining and sharing the perspective of colleagues and influencing others. 
  Clinical Research Committee
The Clinical Research Committee guides strategy, direction and decision making to advance the mission of the University through the use and support of Clinical Research.
  HPC Operations & Planning Committee
As a subcommittee of the ITS Research Technology Committee, the group provides reports and operational recommendations and advice to the ITS Research Technology Committee, ITS, and/or the Provost/Dean, upon request. 
  IAM Identity Stewardship Committee
Works in partnership with the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Program will to provide a strategic foundation for continuous identity data quality improvement and identity data governance. 
  Information Security and Policy Committee
Provides a team of trusted information, security, and policy professionals to advise the Technology Initiatives Committee (TIC) in advancing Yale’s secure technology footprint in support of the University mission. 
  OOD/AYA Program Committee
Provides oversight and guidance on IT projects executed for the Office of Development and the Association of Yale Alumni.

Research Enterprise IT Planning Committee

Provides input and guidance on IT initiatives executed to advance administrative support for research and for the research community.

  Teaching and Learning Committee
Advancing the educational mission of the University, the Teaching and Learning committee guides strategy, direction and decision-making in the use and support of technologies that enhance teaching or enable learning.

Operations Committees

Change Advisory Board – (CAB)
Delivers support to the change management team by approving requested changes and assisting in the assessment and prioritization of changes.  The CAB helps ensure that changes are managed in a rational and predictable manner by enforcing change management policies and procedures. 

ITSM Process Owners

Accountable for insuring that all ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and ITSM processes are fit for purpose, at a maturity level commensurate with our organization with plans to increase maturity and capability that are measurable.

Ready-to-Serve Operating Committee – (ROC)
Oversees projects, budgets, external spending, and holds overall accountability for the day to day management of the Ready-To-Serve program of projects, as well as non-capital projects which are operational in nature.

ITS Service Board

Meets monthly to review and discuss the overall service portfolio, review service operations metrics, and customer satisfaction surveys to propose continual service improvement (CSI) candidates as well as review proposed changes to the business service map.

Technology Operating Committee  – (TOC) 
Makes strategic decisions on emerging projects aligned with the priorities identified by the TIC and oversees the implementation of projects, programs, budgets, external spending, and holds overall accountability for the day-to-day management of the IT portfolio of projects.