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Strategic Planning

In FY13, technologists, faculty, staff and students across the University collaborated in the development of a comprehensive information technology strategy plan. The plan, created through partnership with Yale leadership, the community, and IT, furthers the University’s mission to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge, and to attract and retain the best and brightest students, faculty, and researchers. The strategic alignment presented in the plan benefits the University through a shared understanding of where we want to go and how we plan to get there; the ability to make better-informed choices; an improved ability to plan for future changes, such as regulatory and environmental changes; and clearer accountability for achieving goals that support the strategy and mission.

Click to download the 2014-2016 Information Technology Strategic Plan (requires log-in).

The process we used to create the plan is provided below, along with links to the initial drafts and the feedback we received from the community. We thank the many faculty members, staff, and students who contributed energy and enthusiasm to the development of these strategies, and who will assist with the prioritization of this plan.

The implementation and prioritization of the plan will be accomplished through the use of a collaboration and governance framework that allows broad participation and improves transparency in technology investments and decision-making. To learn more about the IT governance model, click here.

The process

2012-2013 Strategic Planning Timeline

December 2012: Nominate Working Group leads and potential participants through engagement with ITSAC, CIO leadership, and IT Professionals across campus.

December 2012-February 2013: Working groups meet to formulate a working draft to include high-level goals and objectives to inform future (three-year horizon) decisions.

February-March 2013: Working-group drafts posted on the ITS website for review and comment by the entire community.

March-April 2013:  Working groups incorporate feedback from the community and present draft to ITSAC.

April-May 2013: Present plan for feedback to officers, deans and University leadership.

May-June 2013: Determine next steps with ITSAC and university leadership for engaging the community in the development of the final plan.

The Draft Recommendations

The initial working group draft recommendations as well as community feedback can be viewed here:

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