About ITS

Technology Architecture Committee (TAC)


Comprised of technology leaders from across campus, the Technology Architecture Committee meets every two weeks to consider technology architectural standards and opportunities. The committee will apply an institutional perspective in governing application, data and technology architecture domains across the portfolio of major technology initiatives.

The committee consists of individuals who regularly commit a significant part of their professional time engaged in architecture activities along traditional lines of architecture: application, data, enterprise and technology architecture.


The TAC is led by the Chief Technology Officer and provides oversight and advice to institutional architecture strategy, execution, and alignment for IT operations and strategic plans.

The objectives of the TAC are to:

  • Support the importance of institutional perspective intechnology decision-making
  • Define technology architecture standards and best practices
  • Define standard approaches for introducing new technology architecture initiatives
  • Encourage alignment and adoption of standards and best practices
  • Participate in project governance process as an advisory committee
  • Support risk management objectives


The TAC provides recommendations on technology architecture opportunities, initiatives, and issues. These recommendations are in the form of a review and vote on proposed technology design changes. The votes are published on the ITS web site.

The TAC also considers strategic issues, technology explorationsand decisions escalated from the TOC, TIC, or IT teams and provides recommendations in the context of established enterprise technology standards.


As a team the members of the Technology Architecture Committee should demonstrate: 

  • Diversity of disciplinary backgrounds
  • Varied perspectives
  • Professional courtesy
  • Willingness to engage and transform

Louis King, Enterprise Architect, ITS (Chair)

Syed Alli, Sr. Software Engineer, Law School

Shane Anderson, Director Solution Architecture, Business Systems Group

Michael Appleby, Head of IT, British Art Center

Vincent Balbarin, Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

John Coleman, Sr. IT Forensic Security Analyst, ISPC

Adriana Corona, Sr. Experience Designer, Campus Community Technologies

Ray Frohlich, Director of Enterprise Systems and Services, Library

Ken Hoover, Sr. Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

Morrow Long, Associate Director Forensics, ISPC

Lec Maj, Director User Experience and Web Services

Richard Mikelinich, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief HIPAA Security Officer

Andrew Newman, Enterprise Architect, Office of the CTO

Amit Poddar, Sr. Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

Philip Rinehart, Director Endpoint Engineering, Infrastructure

Andy Sherman, Senior Research Scientist, Computer Science

Rob Starr, Principal Solution Architect, Infrastructure

Ken Wieler, Deputy Director IT, School of Management