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Change Advisory Board (CAB)


The Change Advisory Board (CAB) delivers support to the change management team by approving requested changes and assisting in the assessment and prioritization of changes.  The CAB helps ensure that changes are managed in a rational and predictable manner by enforcing change management policies and procedures. 


Members of the CAB will be responsible for:

  • Advise change owners in functional and organizational areas of change management guidelines with respect to assessment, change type and priority.
  • Assessment of Requests for Change (RFCs) considering impact, availability of resources, priorities, authorization and coordination of changes.
  • Support the Change Manager in the decision to approve RFCs.  Review and Approve the Forward Schedule of Change (FSC).
  • Periodically review change metrics to provide input to the Change Process Owner for process improvement.
  • Post Implementation Reviews, especially in the case of failed or partially failed implementations.
  • Assess and Advise the Change Manager on Standard PreApproved Change applications.
  • Assure Change Owners have properly communicated planned system outages to targeted internal or external audiences via email or status page posting when deemed necessary.


As a team the members of the CAB should demonstrate:

  • Varied perspectives
  • Professional courtesy
  • Willingness to engage
  • A commitment to ensuring a stable environment

emergency cab

Address requests for change due to an urgent business need that occurs out of the normal change cycle. Typically resulting from an existing Incident, Problem, or outside breach that impacts a critical IT Service that needs an immediate change to correct. Only the Change Manager or the designee has the authority to approve or reject an emergency change with the advice or recommendations from the eCAB members.



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