About ITS

Past Summer College Positions

Below are examples of past positions available in the ITS Summer College Internship Program. Assignments will vary depending on the intern's skills and interests, and the needs of the organization.

IT Support Technician

Team: ITS Support Center

Team Description: ITS Support Center provides technical and functional computer support and Yale business application support over the phone (Help Desk) as well as at Walk-In centers.

Duties: Provide technical and functional computer support to the Yale community in a team oriented environment. Support may either be provided over the phone or at our walk-in center. This includes problem recognition, research, resolution and follow-up. The intern will also be asked to assist with projects that may include writing knowledge base articles, analyzing data and posting to a web site dashboard or assisting with social media and chat.

Required qualifications: 

  • High level of professional customer service
  • Ability to analyze and troubleshoot issues
  • Some knowledge of computers and networks

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience writing documentation - for writing knowledge base articles
  • Web page design or development would be helpful
  • Interest or excitement in helping people

Software Development Intern

Team: CCT / Student Developer and Mentorship Program

Team Description: Train and mentor students in modern software development practices and workflow. Develop and maintain applications for units across the University.

Duties: Work on SDMP applications, assist with other software projects as necessary. Great opportunity to learn about professional software development, improve programming skills, and add compelling projects to your resume. 

Required qualifications:

  • Strong understanding of software development principles
  • Exposure to Git and other software development tools
  • Experience with least one programming language, Ruby on Trails, NodeJS, Swift / Objective C, Android (Java) preferred, as well as familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Strong analytical skills

Preferred qualifications:

  • Fluency in Git
  • Experience with Object Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Experience with automated testing (unit, functional / acceptance, etc)
  • Experience with Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD)

Client Relations Intern

Team: Medicine and University IT Partners (MUIP)

Team Description: The ITS Medicine & University IT Partners (MUIT) group works closely with Yale Health, the West Campus, and the School of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health to identify current and emerging IT needs, help formulate solutions, and assist in the ongoing delivery of services from ITS and other providers. The group's scope has expanded to include the University's professional schools, libraries, and museums, and galleries. Many of these group have internal IT professionals who provide specialized services too their school or department. MUIT works with these IT professionals to collaborate on University-wide IT strategy, helping to identify common needs and coordinating joint efforts to meet them.

Duties: The IT Partner Outreach coordinator will work with Medicine and University IT Partners team to strengthen the overall relationship between the central and distributed technology providers on campus, and to assist with creation of specific programs and activities to support these relationships.

Duties include:

  • Organize and manage the July retreat for the Professional School Plus Technology Roundtable group
  • Organize and manage a day-long retreat for the Med School IT Partners group
  • Assist with organization and management of other ongoing IT Partner training events
  • Conduct information gathering within segments of the IT Partner community via surveys, focus groups, and on-site observation
  • Assist with design and creation of final report on current state and ongoing strategy for improvement
  • Assist with design and maintenance of a dossier of key metrics/information on each of the IT Partners units

Required qualifications:

  • Detail oriented
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Competency with Microsoft Office Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Mature work ethic (self-starter, ability to work independently)

Preferred qualifications:

  • Knowledge of IT systems and practices
  • Knowledge of managing content/communication with social media and website tools
  • Experience in leadership role with community (e.g. student government, student organizations)

Research Computing Support Intern

Team: Yale Center for Research Computing

Team Description: YCRC is runs the High Performance Computing Linux clusters and is responsible for assisting faculty, students and staff who use research computing facilities on campus.


  • Work with YCRC Staff to support research computing users on the HPC Linux clusters
  • Work with YCRC staff to develop support tools, install application software, and create/update user documentation

Required qualifications:

  • User-level knowledge of the Linux operating system
  • Programming experience, preferably using C, C++, or Python
  • Excitement about working with cutting edge computing technology
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Capable of working in a team environment 

Preferred qualifications:

  • Knowledge of operating systems, in general, and Linux, in particular, at the level of an undergraduate Operating system class
  • Experience with parallel, distributed, or cloud computing

IT Support Specialist 

Team: Faculty and Staff Support Distributed Support Provider (DSP) Team, Campus Technology Services

Team Description: Campus Technology Services is a support organization that interacts with clients across campus on a daily basis. Its emphasis is on enhancing the productivity of its customers by providing high-quality service as quickly as possible.

Duties: The individual in this internship will exposed to all aspects of computer, mobile device, and process/software support in a higher-education environment. The intern will:

  • Manage a client department's complete desktop computing environment
  • Create and maintain departmental organizational units in the active directory, including analyzing and implementing group policy needs
  • Maintain computer software by proactive site visits and keep an inventory of installed operating systems and application software to ensure all verisons are up-to-date 
  • maintain computer hardware and peripherals by keeping an inventory of installed devices, recommending replacements according to guidelines and interacting with vendors in the acquisition of computer products
  • install and coordinate repair of a wide variety of computing devices and peripherals on the desktop and attached to the network
  • Respond to emergency and routine calls that come in for computer assistance in support of core services such as email, scheduling and backup systems, as well as client department specific applications
  • Documents all reported problems
  • Supports clients in the use of their desktop equipment by training users.
  • Works with others to ensure smooth integration of network and software products.
  • Complete and documents technical projects such as the testing of hardware and software products.

Junior Project Coordinator

Team: CCT - Service Operations and Project Portfolio Management

Team Description: This team manages the 5-6MM in projects within the CCT project portfolio as well as the 12 MM in daily service operations.

Duties: This intern will aid in project management activities for small internal CCT project (e.g., event coordination), refine or develop templates for the team (e.g., refine project estimation spreadsheet and project template documents), and help improve existing internal CCT processes.

Required qualifications: 

  • An eye for detail and producing professional deliverables
  • Upbeat interpersonal skills; professional verbal and written communications skills
  • Confident working with the MS office Suite and/or Google applications (docs, sheets, forms)
  • Self-motivated/ Good time management skills

Preferred qualifications:

  • Enjoys talking to people comfortable asking questions
  • Ability to quickly learn new business tools/applications

Technical Analyst Intern


Team: Description: Supports student and faculty systems on campus

Duties: Configure, maintain, and provide support for the developer and testing suite - Jira, Confluence, and Zephyr. Gather requirements, build test cases, execute test scenarios, and develop test reports. Research and understand best practices for this software. Provide proofs of concept for new functionality. Provide recommendations for enhancements and usage based on functionality and experience. 

Required qualifications:

  • Background on general IT systems life-cycle.
  • Quick learner for new software and systems.
  • Logical and critical thinking skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent team work and collaborative skills.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Quality Assurance or application/system testing background.
  • Knowledge of proper written requirements standards.
  • Knowledge of proper use case, test case, test suite standards.
  • Background in developer ticket systems or process, specifically using Jira 

Software Engineer Intern

Team: CCT Student and Academic Support Systems

Team Description: SASS Technology and Development team primarily supports Student Information System for the University Registrar’s, Financial Aid, and Bursar’s office; and supports Learning management systems for the Center of Teaching and Learning, and many student administrative applications that belongs to other groups such as Yale College, School of Management, Law School, School of Drama, Graduate School, Undergrad Admissions and Yale Hospitality.

Duties: Develops programs or applications of small to moderate size and complexity. Modifies existing systems at all levels of difficulty. Provides informational input into decisions concerning the development and delivery of applications, programs and systems. Defines and analyzes requirements to meet the expectations of stakeholders and intended end user needs, scheduled timeline, and budgetary targets. Analyzes, defines and designs new systems and applications. Writes code in support of business solutions. Responsible for the creation, definition, communication, and management of project plans which includes architectural design, technology selection and methodologies to apply. Troubleshoots problems and provide ongoing maintenance and support for applications and systems. Prepares documentation, user manuals and develops formal proposals for new systems and modifications to existing systems. Applies and keeps current with existing and emerging technologies and methodologies. Provides ongoing input to the establishment of programming standards, procedures, and methodologies. In this role, the intern will work closely with the Technical manager to develop Operational reporting for SIS and CTL users in a new environment. Build Operational reports for Center of Teaching and Learning, Law School, and Student and Faculty Administrative Services groups. In this process, the intern will learn how to connect to databases, write sql queries, learn relational model, coding, testing, documentation, CAS integration, performance tuning. The intern will develop new and innovative report layouts for our functional users, and collaborate with the brightest technical minds in the group to troubleshoot, brainstorm, research, influence new ideas to transform and train the users to use the reporting tool. Build and test systems and enhancements. Research technology solutions and present your finding to group. During the internship my team will support the intern, giving guidance and development tips to help the intern grow as a Software Engineer. 

Required qualifications:

  • Experience with at least one object-oriented programming language (Java, Python, C++, C#)
  • Experience with at least one relational database (Oracle, mysql, sqlserver) or NoSQL Databases
  • Experience with at least one Operating System (Linux, Unix, Windows), using the command line tools of the respective OS shell.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with any of the following: Reporting tools, Web Services (Restful, SOAP)
  • Cloud environments-Amazon, Azure
  • Test Driven Development.
  • Spring
  • Spring Security
  • Ruby on Rail
  • Groovy and Grails

Identity and Platform Services Management Intern

Team: FTS - Identity and Platform Services

Team Description: Manage the Identity systems, Server Platforms, and Enterprise Application Platforms for the University

Duties: Assist the director in moving the group from a loosely aligned set of separate "small teams" to a larger more closely aligned team tackling larger tasks excellently.

Required qualifications:

  • Passionate interest in management, team-building and organizational culture.
  • Fast learner, Agility to adapt to changes
  • Ability to assert oneself-self-confidence
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to take, organize and synthesize notes
  • Ability to organize and facilitate meetings and discussions
  • Ability to track and drive items to closure
  • Empathy, Good listening skills
  • Goal-orientation, ability to set and motivate others towards a goal

System Analyst Intern

Team: CCT Shared Application Services

Team Description: We support solutions used across the University but not aligned with a single line of business.

Duties: Instigate the enhancement of our Room Reservation System to automatically assign users to appropriate customers/clients based on where they fall within the organizational hierarchy. Additionally, to explore the deployment of the vendor provided mobile app while still honoring our required single-sign-on solution for authentication. Finally, to assist with documentation of our newly deployed University calendaring system, targeted towards the system administrators, calendar administrators and end users.

Required qualifications:

  • The successful candidate with have: SQL skills-MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager, queries and stored procedures
  • Strong analytic skills
  • Excellent communication skills in translating technical knowledge to functional users

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with room scheduling systems
  • Familiarity with enterprise calendaring
  • Experience with documentation

Network/Telecom Intern

Team: Network/Telecom Engineering 

Team Description: High level design, planning, implementation and support of computer and wired networks.


  • Maintain data records for Network/Telecom Engineering
  • Assist in building and maintaining tools to support network deployment and operations
  • Work with network engineering teams to drive improvement in existing tools and systems
  • Draft detailed technical documentation to support usability and development of the tools

Required qualifications:

  • Draft detailed technical documentation to support usability and development of the tools
  • Detail oriented and careful
  • Knowledge of Network Design and Implementation strategies
  • Knowledge of Computer Network

Preferred qualifications:

  • Preferred Experience with Advanced Routing Protocols (BGP, OSPF)
  • Preferred Experience working with and deploying complex networks that make use of multiple VLANS and routing

IT Support Technician

Team: CTS Desktop Support

Team Description: An intern in Campus Technology Services Desktop Support will be exposed to all aspects of computer, mobile device and process/software support in a higher education environment.
  • Manages a client department’s complete desktop computing environment.
  • Creates and maintains departmental organizational units in the active directory, including analyzingand implementing group policy needs.
  • Maintains computer software by proactive site visits and keeping an inventory of installed operating systems and application software to ensure all versions are up-to-date.
  • Maintains computer hardware and peripherals by keeping an inventory of installed devices, recommending replacements according to guidelines and interacting with vendors in the acquisition of computer products.
  • Installs and coordinates repair of a wide variety of computing devices and peripherals on the desktop and attached to the network.
  • Responds to emergency and routine calls that come in for computer assistance in support of core services such as email, scheduling and backup systems, as well as client department specific applications. Documents all reported problems.
  • Supports clients in the use of their desktop equipment by training users.
  • Works with others to ensure smooth integration of network and software products.
  • Completes and documents technical projects such as the testing of hardware and software products.

Required qualifications:

  • IT Support, Technical Support in a multi-platform computing environment, excellent communication skills, COMPTIA A+ certification a plus.
  • The intern should show a demonstrated appreciation for the use of technology in the academic enterprise, have excellent communications skills.
  • Should understand and articulate program policies and guidelines and a proven ability to use a combination of research, previous experience, testing and escalation to efficiently find the best solutions to technical problems

Systems Administrator Intern

Team: INF - AV Systems Design

Team Description: AVSD provides AV system consultation and integration services throughout the entire University in classrooms, administrative and public spaces.

Duties: Inspect, inventory and document University AV systems across Central, Medical and West Campus. Contribute to a comprehensive database of AV Systems and AV Networking information.

Required qualifications:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to visit multiple campus locations
  • Experience with Excel or Google Sheets

Preferred qualifications:

  • Interest in AV and Network System

Information Security Analyst 

Team: Information Security

Team Description: Information Security provides network and computer security for Yale University. We also manage the policy of ITS as wells as systems assurance and compliance. We contribute to enterprise risk management efforts and forensics.

Duties: Assist the CISO in the following activities: data mining, presentation development, metric collection and compiling, preparing committee materials, drafting white papers, performing research, testing software and some public relations.

Required qualifications:

  • Detail oriented
  • An interest in risk management and or information security
  • Mature work ethic (self-starter, ability to work independently)

Web Operations Student Intern

Team: Yale College Web Operations

Team Description: Web design, maintenance, and other special IT projects as assigned for the Yale College Dean's Office.

Duties: Managing content of the Yale College web pages, resizing images,working with the office ticketing system for workflow management, proofreading and editing content, responding to client requests and questions on web-related matters, assisting in creating training manuals for newly developed websites. Possible opportunities to work with the team on long term, high profile projects.

Required qualifications: 
Ideally, the candidate would have knowledge or aptitude for learning:
  • Basic HTML
  • Drupal
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Outlook

Preferred qualifications:

Knowlege of the following would be a plus:

  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rail, or other programming languages.

Business Intelligence System Analyst

Team: Business Systems Group: Data & Decision Support Services


Team Description: Business Intelligence System Analyst Intern will work closely with many projects dealing with Business Intelligence and Data & Decision Support Services within the Business Systems Group Team.


  • Business subject matter expert and technical liaison, able to form effective interface between business users and IT.
  • Facilitate business requirements gathering meetings and work with business and system stakeholders to define and document user requirements for data warehousing and reporting projects.
  • Lead business, process and data diagnostic activities to gather the appropriate information and data needed to support solution development.
  • Understand Yale data structures, Data Management standards.
  • Translate business requirement into technical design.
  • Extract, Transform and prepare data needed for reporting projects
  • Design and develop new reporting solution by using provided tools like Tableau or Microsoft products
  • Conduct reviews of project documents, including requirements, technical design and prototypes, test plan and test cases 
  • Assist with the testing and change management procedures
  • Stay abreast of project management and development initiatives related to various data and reporting projects 
Required qualifications:
  • Anybody who has a good understanding of software development life cycle, data visualization best practices and has the interest to learn and develop cutting edge reporting and analytical solutions.
  • Ability to build authoritative data source Analyses, analytic use cases, business and technical requirement document.
  • Have knowledge about with Waterfall and Agile project management methodology.
  • Understanding of reporting and data management platforms and data architecture.
  • Ability to manage change.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Team player-sharing ideas and working collaboratively with all customer and vendor partners
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills
  • Strong problem solving skills

Training Coordination Intern

Team: Research Technologies

Team Description: Manage Training Events at the YCRC. Work with research support training staff to plan, schedule and communicate YCRC training events


  • Plan, Schedule and Communicate YCRC training.
  • Work with research scientists, that will be conducting the training, to plan, schedule and communicate training for the research community at Yale

Areas of Interest:

  • Web and Internet technologies
  • Software development

Required qualifications:

  • Technology background, good communication skills
  • Able to work with a team.
  • Execution oriented

Preferred qualifications:

  • Science and Technology background.
  • Some programming experience or possibly experience working in a research environment

Design Services Intern

Team: Foundational Service - Design Services

Team Description: Design Services provides technology and implementation recommendations for infrastructure and the University

Duties: Help with the development and support of the self-service platform Spinup. The Intern will receive training to help with the software development of the Spinup user interface, will help with administrative tasks such as creating and disabling user accounts, help users with questions about connecting to and using resources build through Spinup, and will also help creating documentation for the use of Spinup resources.

Spinup is an in-house developed application built with the Laravel (PHP), Bootstrap, JQuery and Ruby frameworks, which builds virtual machines, databases and data shares in OpenStack and AWS. 

Required qualifications: Working experience with at least one web development technology such as Laravel (PHP), Angular, Vue, Node, Ruby, Bootstrap, JQuery, etc.
Preferred qualifications: Experience with web development in Laravel. Server deployments. Setting up and maintaining web servers. Creating and working with relational databases. Experience using Linux systems.