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WIT@Yale Chronology

History of Women in IT at Yale

WIT@Yale  is a shared interest group whose goal is to encourage, recruit, retain, and advance women in technology roles by providing community support, education, and mentoring. Executive Sponsors Susan Gibbons, University Librarian and Jane Livingston, Associate CIO help to guide and serve the community. The following is our history in reverse chronological order.


Over the past three years, Women in Technology at Yale (WIT) has evolved into a partnership driven, education and outreach focused organization. We've made the centerpiece of our work bringing people together and inviting men and women --and those outside traditional "IT" fields to participate in opportunites that challenge our understanding of "Women in IT."

Chair: Kate Hathaway


In early 2015 we planned our yearly theme:  

WIT@Yale 2015: Community, Partnerships, and Connections - Recruiting, Training and Mentoring today's women for tomorrow's opportunities in Technology

We kicked off the year with a focus on diversity in IT in March coinciding with Women's History Month and International Women's Day (March 8).  This included a full month of activities including a #paintitpurple day (Monday March 9), the Melting Pot of IT diversity themed pot luck luncheon, and the planning of our annual event on Thursday March 26.

We published our hackathon results, the IT diversity numbers, and the results of our simple 2 question survey asking how we felt about the supportive environment.  We also made our first annual report and made it available on our website.

We finished our first round of Careers in IT: Women web page encouraging women to use their talents to join IT as a career.

It was also time to rotate our leadership, and at the annual meeting, we put out a call for volunteers!


In 2014, we developed the theme Women in IT: Path to Leadership, and hosted several events with this theme in mind.  We held an event in the Yale TEAL classroom on how to use LinkedIn to Create Personal Visibility, and we also had a course on how to use a variety of strategies to plan career movement.  

Our annual meeting was held on May 2, 2014 with the theme was Path to Leadership, with speakers Associate Vice President Len Peters, and our Sponsor, Vice President for Finance and Business Operations Shauna King. We also held a poster campaign highlighting a variety of women in IT, each showing their path to leadership. You can view our poster campaign from the event here.

We also started planning a series of web pages on Careers in IT: Women.  With the help of intern Justina Eng, we developed a questionaire, a process for video-taping, and publishing an educational profile page.  Work started on this effort which we hope to publish in 2015.

We introduced our Twitter account @WITatYale and a Community Forum Page

The Retention committee pulled together a report for the CIO directs with our gender diversity data.  Not only did it show basic gender diversity data, which is already reported, but it broke it down into the banded levels for each group so our leaders can see where there were areas for improvement in women for leadership roles. 

We ended the year on a strong note, and on December 6, we partnered with Microsoft for a Hackathon, sponsored by our group.  

At this time WIT@Yale merged our Professional Development and Education Committees as well.

Co-chairs - Adriene Nazaretian Radcliffe, Randi McCray


Women in IT at Yale (WIT@Yale) was inititiated and organized by three women, hoping to make a positive impact on gender diversity in the workplace.  Founding organizers Adriene Nazaretian Radcliffe, Susan H. West, and Christinine Costantino in a letter to Shauna King, Vice President for Finance and Business Operations, expressed our desire to make a difference and requested she be our Executive Sponsor.  With a vote of confidence and Executive Sponsor they hosted an Inaugural Meetin April 19, 2013, and asked all interested women who were in any IT role at the university to attend.  

A wonderful cross section of individuals attended, where we brainstormed together on ideas to improve our environment and create positive outcomes for women in our community.  You can see images from the event here.  

We created an introductory WIT@Yale web page and established WIT@Yale.edu email address

The Professional Development group hosted a World Cafe meeting to brainstorm ideas in professional development, and put those to work.

Co-chairs - Adriene Nazaretian Radcliffe, Randi McCray