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Diversity in IT - Women

When people think about Information Technology, you may immediately think of the stereotype of programming or writing code.  

Information technology has a wide variety of roles to support the growing and changing landscape in this field.  In fact, with the proliferation of cloud-ready services, roles outside of traditional coding are becoming more prevalent and are in high demand. There are a variety of ways your personal strengths may be useful in the Information Technology field.

Yale ITS supports the recruitment of Women in IT, through a series of unique internships at a variety of career development levels, including high school, college, and post-college graduate programs in addition to purposeful recruiting, mentoring and training. Our leadership teams set diversity targets at levels higher than our industry trends, and we report and review this information regularly and consider it strongly in our recruiting process to demonstrate our commitment to overall diversity.

Susan West, Associate Director of Strategic Communications and Co-Chair of the WIT@Yale recruitment committee will share some of this in our introduction video:

We hope you enjoy meeting some of our Women in IT at Yale, and will consider a career in Information Technology

Meet Some other Women in IT

Meet Lisa Sawin - Associate Director of User Experience and Web Services

Meet Christine Costantino - Service Improvement Manager

Meet Ann Brainard-Dougan - Software License Administrator


Path to Leadership Poster Campaign

In 2014 at our annual meeting themed Path to Leadership, we had a poster campaign showcasing many of the women in IT, along with their job path to their current role.  We created a library of the poster images to share with you in considering the variety of roles available in Information Technology