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Diversity in IT - Women

When people think about Information Technology, you may immediately think of the stereotype of programming or writing code.  

Information technology has a wide variety of roles to support the growing and changing landscape in this field.  In fact, with the proliferation of cloud-ready services, roles outside of traditional coding are becoming more prevalent and are in high demand. There are a variety of ways your personal strengths may be useful in the Information Technology field.

Yale ITS supports the recruitment of Women in IT, through a series of unique internships at a variety of career development levels, including high school, college, and post-college graduate programs in addition to purposeful recruiting, mentoring and training. 

Meet Women in IT

Meet Lisa Sawin - Associate Director of User Experience and Web Services

Meet Christine Costantino - Service Improvement Manager

Meet Ann Brainard-Dougan - Software License Administrator

Path to Leadership Poster Campaign

In 2014 at our annual meeting themed Path to Leadership, we had a poster campaign showcasing many of the women in IT, along with their job path to their current role.  We created a library of the poster images to share with you in considering the variety of roles available in Information Technology