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ITS High School Internship Program

ITS High School Internships

ITS High School Internship Program

About the Program

The Yale ITS High School Internship Program aims to attract young people to the field of information technology and nurture their interest. The program offers area high school students paid opportunities to work in Information Technology Services at Yale University for six to eight weeks during the summer.

Created by a team from New Haven schools, Yale Human Resources, ITS, and vendor partner Golden Compass, the program immerses students in a professional office environment and gives them a feel for a feel for careers in technology. Working closely with managers, high school interns make real contributions to the organization and the University. The program also includes career-building workshops and events introducing the students to the campus environment.

After a summer of dedicated work and learning, the interns are encouraged to continue to explore careers related to technology as well as to spread the information they have learned among their peers.


This program is focused on communities in which Yale University has a presence. Students who apply must meet the following qualifications:

  • Students must reside in New Haven or Orange, Conn.
  • Students must attend a participating high school

Interested students should speak with their teachers or guidance counselors to find out if their schools are participating in the program.

How to Apply

Students do not apply directly to the High School Internship Program. Representatives of schools participating in the program nominate high-achieving students. ITS managers conduct interviews and match students chosen to participate with positions that match their interests and goals.

Schools seeking more information should contact Alina Colossale at alina.colossale@yale.edu.

Learn More

As part of their 2015 ITS Summer Internship in Yale Information Technology Services, high school interns Eric DeJesus, Mark Garcia, and Eunes Harun created a video documenting a day in the life of a student techician intern.