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Yale Information Technology Services (ITS) is committed to supporting the educational mission of the University by providing innovative technology and top-quality services. In order to further these goals and promote technology careers, ITS has developed the Careers in IT program at Yale University.

Careers in IT promotes technology as a potential career path for high school and college students and under-represented groups. It seeks to provide an opportunity for youth and under-represented groups to explore various careers in technology in education and beyond, to spark interest in IT careers for these individuals, and to recruit talented individuals and future technology leaders to Yale and ITS.

College Graduates

If you have earned your undergraduate degree recently, or will soon, the Brian J. Wolson Early Career Development Program in Yale ITS can help you get started with your career. The 18-month, paid rotational program matches participants with positions throughout the organization and provides training, mentoring, and practical experience. Read more

Current College Students

Looking for an exciting summer experience? Our Summer College Internship Program offers current college students 10- to 12-week paid positions in Yale's information technology organization. You will work side-by-side with IT professionals on projects matched with your areas of interest, and gain valuable work skills. Read more

High School Students

The Yale ITS High School Internship Program aims to attract young people to the field of information technology and nurture their interest. The program offers students from participating area high schools opportunities to work in Yale ITS for six to eight weeks during the summer.

Eligible high schools nominate students to participate in the program. Students do not apply directly to Yale ITS. Read more

Employment at Yale

Search openings for full- and part-time opportunities to support your career goals. Visit the It's Your Yale website to learn more about employment opportunities at Yale.

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