Service Lifecycle Management


It is important to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of each IT service from request to retirement.  This requires a structured approach to the following activities:

  • Performing a strategic assessment of the benefits and potential value generated from the IT service.

  • Evaluating requests for new or enhanced services.

  • Planning and developing of new and enhanced services.

  • Deploying new and enhanced services into operation with minimal risk.

  • Effectively managing and supporting operational services.

  • Continually evaluating services for areas of improvement.

  • Retiring services that no longer have business value.

Service Lifecycle Management concepts displayed as a cycle. Shows Service Design, Service Transitition, Service Operation and Service Strategy. These are the main pieces of ITIL foundation.

Service Strategy

A Strategy for the service is considered in this stage which includes all aspects of providing the service, including risks and financial considerations.  The strategy is referenced and audited through the life of the service.

Once a strategy has been agreed, it needs to be put into action.  The question of how to execute the strategy is answered in a set of more detailed tactical plans.  Tactical plans describe what approaches and methods will be used to achieve the strategy. If a strategy answers the question ‘where are we going?’ then tactics answer the question ‘how will we get there?’

Service Design

The Design of the service is based on the Strategy identified, always keeping the customer in mind.

Service Transition

The designed service is built and Transitioned to the customer(s) into the production/live environment.


The service remains in the Operational state and is maintained at predefined levels of quality as designed.

Continual Service and Process improvements

The Service is continually monitored for Improvements with the ultimate goal of delivering services that are increasingly effective and efficient.

Service & Portfolio Management

Service & Portfolio Management is the process that is responsible for defining which services will be entered into the Service Portfolio and how those services are tracked and progressed through their lifecycle.  Service & Portfolio Management provides gatekeeping for the Service Owner/Offering Manager, ensuring that only services that contribute to strategic objectives and meet the agreed customer outcomes are provided. 

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