Speakers Series

IT Academy logoThe IT Academy Speaker Series is designed to support the professional growth of Yale’s IT community. Events within the series are offered virtually, on a monthly basis, and focus on three key learning areas: technical (Tech Talks), cybersecurity (InfoSec Chats), and intra/interpersonal IT competency skills (Café IT).

Speaker Series Resources

Tech Talks

Tech Talks iconTech Talks offer attendees an understanding of emerging and complex technologies that may support IT goals and initiatives. Topics range from an overview of processes (e.g. Data Governance, User Experience) and newer technologies (e.g. Blockchain:Bitcoin, Virtual Reality) to explanations of Yale’s IT Support models (e.g. DSPs, Help Desk) and technology architecture (e.g. Telecommunications, Domain Name System). In addition to these topics, the series offers virtual ‘hands-on’ or interactive training (e.g. Internet of Things/IFTTT Programming, SysAdmin Command Line). Speakers often include members of the Yale IT community, but individuals from throughout the Yale community may attend or present.

InfoSec Chats

Info Sec Chats iconHosted by Yale’s Chief Information Security Officer, Paul Rivers, InfoSec Chats introduce current cybersecurity issues and topics relevant to Yale and the industry, more broadly. Paul then leads an open discussion. Events are open to the Yale community, but primarily targeted to individuals with a focus on IT. Recent InfoSec Chats have focused on Yale’s Minimum Security Standards (MSS), including Integrating MSS into your Service and Beyond the MSS: Active Directory Case Study.

Cafe IT

Cafe IT iconCafé IT events promote discussions and learning around the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills collectively known as Yale’s IT Competencies. Presenters include members of the Yale community as well as guest (non-Yale) presenters. Events cover soft skill topics such as Giving and Receiving Feedback, Teambuilding and Race, and Meaningful Performance Management. Yale’s IT community is strongly encouraged to attend; however, these events are also open to everyone at Yale.