Yale MeetingPlace Phone Conference (Teleconference) Service

Yale MeetingPlace is an on-demand, reservationless audio conference service that is available all hours, seven days a week. To learn more, please visit the Yale MeetingPlace service page.

To host a phone conference, you first must obtain a MeetingPlace profile number by submitting the form below. This is a one-time process. Upon receipt of the form, ITS will register your name and send you an email with further instructions.

Your profile number can be used whenever you need to hold a phone conference. Please retain the email for reference when hosting future phone conferences.


  • Available all hours, seven days a week; no reservations are required
  • No additional charge; service is included in the basic telephone/network charges (Telecommunications Infrastructure Bundle)
  • Local Yale Number plus a domestic toll free number

Please contact ITS Network Service Customer Service at helpdesk@yale.edu if you plan on having a conference call with more than 40 participants.

If you have any questions please call 203-432-9000.