Yale Acronym Glossary

Acronyms are a staple of academia and even more so in the world of information technology. This growing list will help you navigate through the sea of letters. Most of the definitions are linked to additional information about the topic.

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Acronym Definition
 ADFS  Active Directory Federation Services
 ADGS  Assitant Director of Graduate Studies
 ADUS  Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
 AED  Automated External Defibrillator
 AH  Account Holder
 AITS  Academic Information Technology Solutions
 ALICE  Originally "All Information Concerning Endowments" ; now "Award Setup Lifecycle"
 ALM  Application Life Cycle management
 AP  Accounts Payable
 ASC  Academic Support Coordinator
 AUP  Appropriate Use Policy
 AYA  Association of Yale Alumni
Acronym Definition
 BA  Business Analyst/Analysis
 BES  Blackberry Enterprise Server
 BI  Business Intelligence
 BMS/BMS2000  Business Management System
 BOCM  Business Operations Community Meeting
 BOLT  Business Operations Leadership Team
 BUG/BUG Library  Brio Users Group
 BUSFAS  Business Office Faculty of Arts & Sciences
 BUSFBO  Business Field Business Operations
 BUSOPS (also Biz Ops)  Business Operations
Acronym  Definition 
 DAM  Digital Asset Management
 DARCY  Donor and Alumni Relations Constituents at Yale
 DESOP  Designated Operating Fund
 DGS  Director of Graduate Studies
 DMCA  Digital Millennium Copyright Act
 DNS  Domain Name System
 DPS  Dissertation Progress Report
 DSP  Distributed Support Provider
 DUS  Director of Undergraduate Studies 
 DWH  Data Warehouse
Acronym  Definition 
 JE  Journal Entry
 JEFF  Journal Entry Forms Finder
 JSA  Journal Staging Area
Acronym  Definition 
 KB  Knowledgebase
 KR  Knowledge Record
 Kronos  Attendance-tracking application. Also known as My Time
Acronym  Definition 
 LA  Lead Administrator
 LD  Labor Distribution (sometimes referenced as LDM – Labor Distribution Module)
 LDA  Labor Distribution Adjustment
 LEED  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
 LIMS  Library Information Management System
 LSD  Labor Schedule Distribution
Acronym  Definition 
 MAG  Magnetic stripe badge reader, magnetic stripe on ID card
 MCDB  Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
 MEI   Moveable Equipment Inventory
 MFD  Multifunction Device
 MFR  Monthly Financial Review
 MMN  Monday Morning News
 MP0  Management Plan 0
 MQA (MQAD)  Metrics and Quality Assurance (Department)
 MS  Microsoft
 My Time  Attendance-tracking application. Also know as Kronos.
Acronym  Definition 
 NEO  New Employee Orientation
 NetID  Individual identifier for accessing Yale secure information.
 NGLC  Next Generation Learning Challenges
Acronym  Definition 
 OBOE  Online Business Office Environment
 OCE  Online Course Evaluation
 OCI  Online Course Information
 OCIO  Office of the Chief Information Officer
 OCM  Organizational Change Management
 OCS  Online Course Selection
 ODD  Office of Development
 OEO  Office for Equal Opportunity Programs
 OFAS  Office of Faculty Administrative Services
 OGM  Oracle Grants Management
 OIR  Office of Institutional Research
 OISS  Office of International Students & Scholars
 ONOR  Online Notification of Readers
 OOB  Out of Box
 ORA  Office of Research Administration
Acronym  Definition 
 QB  Quickbase
Acronym  Definition 
 UP  Undergraduate Production
 UPI  University Person Identifier
 UAT  User Acceptance Testing
Acronym  Definition 
 VAR  Visiting Assistant in Research
 VCU  Vendor Compliance Unit
 VIP  Vendor Identification
 VMS  Vendor Management System
 VP  Vice President
 VSU  Vendor Setup
Acronym  Definition 
 WC  West Campus
 WIT  Women in IT
 WWW  World Wide Web
Acronym  Definition 
 XML  Extensible Markup Language

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