IT Services

Yale Network

What is it?

The campus network provides access to a variety of computing and information services. Additionally, ITS researches, documents and implements different secure connection strategies including, traditional Ethernet jacks, wireless connections, remote access, VPN and much more. 

Who can use it?

On-Campus Connections

Anyone located in areas that are accessible to the Ethernet network and have a Macintosh or PC-compatible computer that meet ITS standards are eligible to receive network services. Connectivity for departmental LANS is also available.

Off-Campus Connections

Yale University does not offer high-speed Internet access. If you obtain Internet service from one of the outside providers in the area, you will need to customize your computer for access to University restricted resources and services. For further information, please see the off-campus access web page.

Where to get help?

ITS provides support for network services including Help Desk services, ID creation/maintenance and desktop technical support. It does not include on-site technical support except for the initial installation and to correct network failures. Each department is assigned to a single team of technicians for service to assure consistency of service and familiarity with client computing needs and environments. Any changes to network services will be posted.

Faculty and Staff

Contact your local support provider.


  • Central Campus: the Student Technology Collaborative will provide the first line of support. They will attempt to resolve laptop problems and will report network failures or performance issues to ITS Data Network Operations (DNO). DNO will resolve such problems as soon as possible with the caveats that any simultaneous problems with the wired network will take precedence and we may need or want to perform extended testing before returning the network to service.

Support Limitations

The following factors may limit support:

  • Availability of expertise within the unit (e.g. hardware repair, operating systems)
  • Computers that are desktop clones, home PC models or fall below our minimum recommendations
  • Problems that cannot be resolved after being escalated to the highest technical level within ITS
  • A request whose magnitude jeopardizes our ability to meet the 1-week/24-hour turnaround time commitment
  • Support will not be guaranteed on computers that do not meet our minimum standards

How much does it cost?

This service is free. 

How to get it?

Faculty and Staff

To order, change, relocate, or remove service:


  • Main Campus: Data networking in the Residential Colleges, Old Campus and Graduate Student Housing is maintained by ITS Student Computing.