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Wireless - WiFi@Yale

About the WiFi Networks

There are three wireless networks accessible on campus at Yale. If possible, you should always use YaleSecure.


YaleSecure is the recommended, encrypted wifi network for anyone with a NetID. YaleSecure counts as "on the Yale network".

To use YaleSecure, enter your netid and password when prompted. If you have trouble try the YaleSecure Assistant (above).

Yale Wireless

Yale Wireless is an alternative, non-encrypted network for anyone with a NetID. Yale Wireless counts as "on the Yale network".

To use Yale wireless, register your computer or device on the network.


YaleGuest is intended to support short-term access to the Internet for visitors (without a Yale NetID). 

YaleGuest does not count as "on the Yale network", so Many Yale websites and services are not accessible.

Other Devices

iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini) can connect to Yale Secure by following the instructions here.

An Apple TV can also be connected to the Yale Network.


  • If you notice a non-working network, please notify Network Services. They will want to know which of the three networks aren't working.
  • When connecting to certain Yale resources from off-campus, a VPN connection is required.
  • Expect 100% coverage in Yale buildings. If you find somewhere without complete coverage, contact your IT Support.
  • Have more questions? Read the FAQ or contact your IT Support.