IT Services

Registration of devices

What is it?

Yale requires that equipment utilizing the University data network be registered to associate the machine with the user. Using the YaleSecure Wifi requires a valid NetID and password and therefore you do not need to register.  If you are using ethernet, or Yale Wireless, you will need to register your device.

ITS enforces this policy by controlling access to usable Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. In order to get a legitimate IP address, you have to register the machine. When ITS provides an IP address, we collect the hardware address --sometimes called the Machine Access Code (MAC) or Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA)-- of either the wireless card or the ethernet card. If you are connecting via Wireless and via your ethernet cord (at different times), you would have to register both of these MAC addresses for the same machine. This system ensures accountability and helps ITS to provide better service for all the community, but in order to streamline the transaction, we provide tools to minimize the burden of registering your machine.  

Who can use it?

Faculty and staff members will generally have to register their devices only once.

Students are obliged to register their computers once a year (typically in the fall) during their stay at Yale. This serves several purposes:

  • The student is given an opportunity to update the inventory of equipment they are using at the University.
  • The addressing information vended to a student can be optimized to reflect a new primary dwelling (e.g. moving from Old Campus to a residential college).
  • The student is given a chance to review the Yale network Appropriate Use Policy and assure that they continue to be in compliance.

Use of YaleGuest

YaleGuest is intended to support short term (less than 1 week) access to the Internet for visitors to the campus. It is not intended for regular use by students, faculty or staff. As it is primarily intended for Internet access, some protected Yale websites and services are not be accessible from YaleGuest.

Where to get help?

Should you experience any difficulties, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000 or email or contact your IT support provider.

How much does it cost?

This service is free. 

How to register your device

You will need to register your computer or device before you can access the Yale network through a wired device, or the "Yale Wireless" Wi-Fi network.

  1. Determine the hardware address for each connection on your computer or device (there is usually one for wireless, and a separate one for a wired connection).
  2. Plug your computer or internet device into an Ethernet jack (wired connection). Or use a computer or device that already has access to the Yale network.
  3. Register your device using the ITS Network Registration page.
  4. Follow the instruction on screen, entering your hardware address when prompted.
  5. You will need to complete a separate registration for each of your network connections (e.g. Wi-Fi and Ethernet or for each to two Ethernet connections).
  6. Once the registration process is complete, it will take a few minutes before you are able to connect to the network.