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Internet, Phones, and Television

Answering Service

The Yale Call Center provides a prompt, friendly and efficient answering service after hours, during lunch or unexpected absences.

Call Center Solutions
A bundle of service offerings for groups of operators or agents, including intelligent call routing, CRM integration, remote contact center agents, and call metrics and statistics.
Desk Phone Services

Desk phone services provide a standard analog or VOIP handset to all locations that may require them. Typically, this includes a voicemail solution.

Device Registration

The Device Registration service enables trusted devices to be associated with a user and provides the ability to utilize the University Data Network.


Access to a variety of computing and information services, including Internet, research networks, and the Yale Data Centers. The services includes change control, security monitoring, and forensic investigation.

Off Campus Access/VPN

Yale VPN allows eligible individuals to securely access Yale resources from a non-Yale internet source as if they were directly connected to the campus network.


Provides wireless internet access for guests and visitors and also provides encrypted access for those who are a part of the Yale campus.

Yale Television

Yale University provides streaming IPTV services from Comcast to all Masters, Deans, Fellows, undergraduate and graduate students living on campus. The service provides 100 channels of content on up to three personal internet-enabled devices.

Internet, Phones, and Television

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Internet, Phones, and Television