IT Services

University Messaging Service

What is it?

Office of Public Affairs and Communications provides a messaging service that supports large-scale email messaging to pre-defined, requester-provided, or ad-hoc lists for specific, identified audiences. It consists of both a self-service interface built into the message application for sending targeted messages and personalized customer service. The latter provides hands-on assistance sending targeted messages, identifying target audiences, managing and manipulating lists, posting material online, and establishing dynamic access restrictions to materials. Lists can contain Yale and non-Yale email addresses.  More information about this service is available on the Messaging service website.

Who can use it?

  • Departments at Yale that need to send bulk messages
  • Masters, Deans and other staff who need to send bulk messages
  • Registered student organizations can create a Message Lite list.
  • Students who are interested in learning about performances, gatherings, or other events from student organizations around campus may sign up here. Individuals maintain their own subscriptions and organization officers are the only ones who can send out announcements to the list.