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Printing at Yale

What is it?

BluePrint/PaperCut is a software solution for tracking, monitoring, and charging for network and student printing. It provides print cost savings and paper waste reduction by offering secure print release capability. In addition, secure print release protects sensitive information by alerting the person printing to be at the printer when the job is released.

Important Note Regarding The Uniprint Print System :  As of Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, the Uniprint system is no longer being used for printing at Yale - all users who have previously used Uniprint will be using the PaperCut system from this point on. For any questions related to the phaseout of the Uniprint system, please contact

Features of Printing at Yale

Yale’s printing system, BluePrint/PaperCut, prints with money from your BluePrint/PaperCut account. BluePrint/PaperCut is managed by Yale Printing and Publishing Services.

YPPS provides the following services for BluePrint/PaperCut:

  • Maintains a limited supply inventory to accommodate customer emergency supply needs
  • Processes a monthly billing batch and distribution of charges to individual department PTAEO’s charges through Oracle
  • Maintains a web-updateable database on each customer, including the equipment models, accessories, serial and ID #’s, department name, contact, location, IP address, meter reading history and PTAEO charging
  • Provides distributed charging to a variety of department Shared Account Cost Center PTAEO’s, with monthly detailed reporting
  • Maintains web interface for departments to create or edit PTAEO activity for users

BluePrint/PaperCut is used in all locations at Yale University. A full list of BluePrint/PaperCut printers can be found here, on the YPPS site.

Who can use it?

 Anyone at Yale University  

Note: The Yale School of Architecture has its own printing service.  Information can be found here.

How much will it cost?


When using a BluePrint/PaperCut printer there is a standard cost associated with printing.  The current standard print rates are:

  • Black & White - $0.10 for the first side, $0.02 for the second side.
  • Color - $0.25 per side

Departmental Printers

Some departments pay for their own printers, and may cover printing on behalf of the people in the department.  Departmental cost will vary based on the specific Printer / MFD models monthly rental fees and usage.  Ask the department or the department's support provider if you have questions or need help.

How do I fund my account?

All BluePrint/PaperCut users have a personal account that can be funded by credit card (and/or for students, student account charge). Additionally, Yale departments have the option of setting up shared accounts that are funded by a PTAEO. For the most part, faculty and staff will be charging PaperCut jobs to a shared account (or accounts) set up by their department's business office, while students and guests will be using their personal account. 

To add funds to a personal account, or (for departments) to maintain shared accounts; go to and click the appropriate link in the left menu.

Important Note Regarding The Uniprint Print System :  For users with Yale NetIDs, any remaining user funds that were in the Uniprint system have been automatically transferred to the users' PaperCut accounts.

For guests who have previously added funds to a guest Uniprint account, the process for transferring funds is not automatic; however if you have a BluePrint/PaperCut guest account already set up, you can request to have your funds transferred HERE.

 How do I get it?

  • Papercut Campus-wide:  This is the application for setting up the Papercut YalePrint (Find Me Print) Queue. This queue allows any person with a Papercut account and balance to submit a print job to a single queue and release it from any Papercut supported device on campus. Optionally, users can elect to install the Papercut client. This is an application that will show a balance window and provide links to various functions that can also be found at Currently only PC users that charge to shared accounts will require the Papercut client be installed.
  • Papercut for 25 Science Park:  This is the application for setting up the Papercut YalePrint (Find Me Print) Queue. This queue allows any person located at 25 Science Park to submit a print job to a single queue and release it from any Papercut supported device in the building.


Select the appropriate download for youR location and operating system

Location Windows Mac Linux
All Campus Locations
25 Science Park

How do I use it?

Instructions for using the BluePrint/PaperCut system are available at – these include setup for Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux users, release of print jobs (at a PaperCut printer or via an iOS device), use of a multifunction device for copying, printing, scanning, and faxing where available.

Where to get help?

  1. If you notice a non-working printer, you should call the phone number listed on the printer (if there is one).
  2. If there is no number listed, you should call the ITS Help Desk.  Please be sure to have the location, device ID, and queue name available.   For all other comments and feedback, please email