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Yale provides many printing locations around campus. Below are general instructions for how to use them.

Printing Systems

There are two printing systems on campus: PaperCut and Uniprint.  A PaperCut printer prints using money from your PaperCut account; a Uniprint printer prints using money from your Uniprint account. Most people will only need one or the other, depending on where you spend time on campus. Both systems are managed by Yale Printing and Publishing Services.

PaperCut is used by certain schools including the Schools of Forestry, Law, Art, and Management. A full list of PaperCut printers can be found here, on the YPPS site.

Uniprint is more common, and is found in all other locations.  A full list of Uniprint printers can be found here, on the YPPS site.

"YalePrint" is an ambiguous term, a nickname for both PaperCut and Uniprint.

Public vs Departmental Printers

Public Printers

Public printers cost money for each page (or side) printed. Here are the current rates:

  • Back & White - $0.10 for the first side, $0.02 for the second side.
  • Color - $0.30 per side

Departmental Printers

Some departments pay for their own printer, and may cover printing on behalf of the people in the department.  Ask the department or the department's support provider if you have questions or need help.


The printing process follows this general outline. For details on any of these steps, please see our How To Section on Printing.

  1. Add money to your print account if needed. This can be done on the YPPS website.  You can check your funds either on the YPPS website or on multi-function printers (which have a card-swipe and touchscreen).
  2. Print from a program as you normally would, by choosing "File... Print". You can print from either:
  • a public cluster computer: Select "YalePrint" from the destination printers dropdown, press "Print," and enter your NetID in the resulting popup.
  • your personal computer: You can install the YalePrint client and Uniprint Drivers on your personal computer using the installation file from the YPPS website.  Full instructions are here (PC, Mac, Linux).

     3.  Pay for the print job. Depending on the type of printer, you can do this one of two ways:

  • Printers with card-swipe: either swipe your Yale ID Card, or use the touchscreen to type in your NetID and Password. If your NetID is associated with any Departmental Charge Accounts, you will be prompted to select one. Select your desired account, or choose "Use Personal Acc't" to use your personal account.

  • Printers without card-swipe: There will be a "printing kiosk" computer nearby which you can log into using your NetID and Password.

Reporting Issues

  1. If you notice a non-working printer, you should call the phone number listed on the printer (if there is one).
  2. If there is no number listed, you should call the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000.
  3. For all other comments and feedback, please email