IT Services

Clusters, Labs and Kiosks

What is it?

ITS provides computing resources for the Yale community, including email kiosks, public computers for general purpose use and departmental computers for discipline specific needs.

Computer classrooms photo montage.  

Email kiosks

Over 80 email kiosks are located in high-traffic areas throughout central campus.  The kiosks allow students to check their University e-mail accounts, course schedule and other information through a Web browser. 

Computer labs

Campus Technology Services supports hundreds of public computers that are located throughout campus and are intended for use by members of the Yale Community.  The computers have a common software image to provide ample access to academic programs.

Public technology photo montage.

Who can use it?

Anyone at Yale.

Where to get help?

Aimee Kanzler
Manager, Academic Computing Services 

How much does it cost?

Public computing labs and kiosks are free to use.  Departmental computing labs are privately funded by department and access may be restricted to individuals in those departments.

How to get it?

Computer lab locations are listed here.

Email kiosk locations are listed here