IT Services


The BlackBerry gained its popularity in business for its simplistic style in sending and receiving email. It integrates very well with Microsoft Outlook for scheduling and email.

Note: The University does not support centralized services that facilitate the secure transmission of ePHI via email in a HIPAA compliant manner. If you have a need to use a PDA or smart phone to send or receive ePHI or other information that may be considered confidential or sensitive, please consult with your IT support provider for recommendations. Up-to-date ITS smartphone standards and how to comply are located here.

If you work with health information, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance may limit your choices for smartphones or mobile devices. In addition, your risk of a data breach will lessen significantly if you apply the breach prevention standards in place. For advice in choosing a device that meets your needs and will provide functionality to comply with applicable University policy contact your ITS support provider.