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Managed Workstations

What is it?

The Managed Workstation program is Yale University’s approach to managing University software and hardware computer needs. It offers enhanced data security, while offering increased computing productivity and provides optimization from an operational perspective to maximize your computing power, and minimize any threat from surfing the web, email attachments, etc. This more reliable computing environment also comes with a centralized management of computer hardware and software throughout the four-year life cycle of computers that participate in the program, which results in a reduction in department support costs. 

Who can use it?

All Yale faculty and staff are eligible for participating in the Managed Workstation program.

Faculty and Staff

Flexibility is built into the Managed Workstation so that clients have the ability to do their work.


The design of the program is intended to accommodate students. However, the scope of the project does not include students at this time.


Alumni, conferees, ex-employees, spouses and inactive students are ineligible for the Managed Workstation program. 

Where to get help?

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk.

How much does it cost?

How to get it?

If you are planning on buying a computer before your department is inducted into the Managed Workstation Program, a Managed Workstation can be ordered through SciQuest and your Distributed Service Provider (DSP) will provide deployment support.  For additional information, contact 

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