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Secure File Transfer Service

What is it?

The Secure File Transfer service offers a means of securely transferring files, large or small (including ePHI/ 3-Lock Data), instead of using email attachments.   This tool is based on FileLocker, an open source software. 


Who can use it?

Any member of the Yale community: students, faculty and staff with an active NetID are eligible to use this tool. In addition, any non-Yale individual can transfer files to a member of the Yale community once access has been granted by the Yale recipient.   

Where to get help?

Reference the user guide above for detailed instructions or for additional help and information; contact the Yale ITS Helpdesk, 203-432-9000. 

How much does it cost?

This service is free. 

How to get it?

See above. 

Associated Policies

Service details

The Secure File Transfer tool incorporates the use of a web browser and email. Files are uploaded to a server via the web and a system generated email is sent to the recipient with a link to retrieve the file.  These files are not only encrypted while in transit but also while they are temporarily stored on the server.  In addition, this tool will scan for viruses and malware. There is a file limit size of 2GB. Please be aware the upload time will vary depending on the size of your file. Larger files will take longer than smaller files.

Once the file is uploaded to the site, the functionality of this file transfer tool temporarily and securely stores files solely for the purpose of sharing them with the intended recipient. These data files will remain on the server for a maximum of 10 days after which they will be deleted.  Please note, the sender will also have the ability to delete a file sooner than 10 days.  Yale ITS can remove files as needed.  

Once logged in, use the Upload button to get started or reference the Quick Help on the right side of the Secure File Transfer home page. Also, be sure you download and save files that have been shared with you locally to your computer.  

All users of Yale University computing and networking facilities are expected to read and abide by the Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy.  For additional information, please familiarize yourself with the Policies and Procedures related to HIPAA Security.

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