IT Services

NetIDs and Passwords

What is it?

Your Yale NetID and password grant access to the campus network and many University systems, such as YaleSecure wifi, VPN, and computer cluster printers.

Every Yale NetID password must be changed at least once per calendar year to a different password. Each year's password must be unique – don't recycle previous years' passwords (see Policy 1601: Procedure 1601 PR.02).

In order to use your NetID password, you must first activate your NetID with a PIN.

Who can use it?

All Yale University students, faculty and staff members are assigned a NetID. Your NetID is automatically assigned to you when you arrive. Once assigned, your NetID cannot be changed.

Where to get help?

For questions please contact the Help Desk at (203) 432-9000. 

How much does it cost?

This service is free.

How to get it?

A NetID is given to you upon enrollment at Yale, or at the time of your arrival here as an employee.

For faculty and staff, authorized personnel in each department handle account requests. You must have an active HR record to have access.

Business office approval is required for associate, casual, consultant, layoff, post doc associate, research affiliate, retiree, vendors, visitors, or other special employees. Departments may include consultants or other non-paid staff by first entering them into the Human Resources system with an assignment of non-employee access.

Associated Policies