IT Help and Support

Arts and Sciences Faculty Support (FASIT)

Getting local assistance

The consultants listed below are available to provide assistance to FAS teaching faculty. If you encounter difficulty in contacting your Departmental Technology Consultant (DTC), or have questions regarding the Faculty Support Program, please call 432-2357 or send email to

Professional schools

Faculty in the professional schools are supported by separate local programs. Please refer to the list of support providers to find a local contact in your school.

Support for research laboratories

A program to provide IT support for research laboratories has been initiated by ITS. Read more about information on developing a support strategy for your lab.

Administrators & business managers

If you are a departmental administrator and require assistance, please contact your local support provider or call the Help Desk at 203-432-9000.

Departmental Technology Consultants

Department Email Phone
Manager 436-8141
Support Specialist 432-6497
Support Specialist 436-8373
Support Specialist 376-0570
Support Specialist 432-4926
Support Specialist 432-7223
Support Specialist 436-4366
African American Studies 436-9045
American Studies 436-9045
Anthropology 436-9045
Applied Physics 436-9045
Astronomy 432-1264
Biomedical Engineering 436-9045
Chemical Engineering 436-9045
Chemistry 432-3356
Classics 436-9045
Comparative Literature 436-9045
Computer Science  
Eastern Asian Language & Literature 436-9045
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 436-9045
Economics 436-9045
Electrical Engineering 436-9045
English 436-9045
French 436-9045
Geology & Geophysics 432-3155
German 436-9045
History 436-9045
History of Art 436-9045
Italian 436-9045
Linguistics 436-9045
The MacMillan Center for International & Area Studies 432-3414
Mechanical Engineering 436-9045
Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry 436-9045
Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology 436-9045
Near Eastern Languages & Civilization 436-9045
Philosophy 436-9045
Political Science 432-5243
Psychology 436-9045
Religious Studies 436-9045
Slavic 436-9045
Sociology 436-9045
Spanish & Portuguese 436-9045
Statistics 436-9045
Women & Gender Studies 436-9045