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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours and location?
What forms of payment can I use?
I need a receipt for an old job. Can you help me?
Can you do work for someone not affiliated with Yale?
Do you make deliveries?
Where do I park when I come to see you?


What is the largest size of artwork you can photograph?
Can you scan microfilm/microfiche?
Do you offer mounting and framing?


I’m trying to find images of Yale to hang. Do you have those?
You recently took pictures for so-and-so in my department. Can you send them to me?
You did a job for me a few years ago. Can you send me those files?


I'm making a conference poster. What type of file should I send you?
What is the latest I can send you a file if I need my poster by the end of day Friday?
How do you determine the print size billed for my poster?


What information do you need to arrange to have a photographer at an event?

Design & Illustration

How much does an illustration cost?
What are my printing options?
Can I take the file you produced and have it printed myself?
Can I supply the images for my design job?
How much does a logo cost?
Can I have the graphic you produced in the required format for the journal I'm submitting it to?
I produced the graphics for my paper in Powerpoint, and now the journal is asking for high-res TIFF files. What does that mean?
I tried making my figures, but they didn't turn out very well. Can you help?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We are open 8:30AM–5:00PM Monday through Friday. We are closed on official Yale holidays. Our office is located at 135 College, Suite 101, near the corner of College and George Streets.

Most work is billed via departmental PTAEO, but we can also accept Yale-New Haven Hospital cost center numbers, and Mastercard/Visa. Please note that all non-departmental requests are obligated to pay Connecticut state sales tax. We cannot invoice or receive checks or cash.

Yes, as long as you can provide a name, job number, or date of work, giving us some way of locating it.

No, our services are available to those with a Yale affiliation only. This includes spouses and children of Yale affiliates currently in the Yale directory.

Except for large print runs that can be delivered directly to you by the printer, we do not make deliveries. However, we'd be happy to arrange for Yale's courier service to make a delivery to you for a fee.

We have free parking in the lot behind 135 College Street. You must enter from North Frontage road. Look for the "135 College" parking sign on your right just before the intersection with College Street. To enter you must key in the gate code. Please call us at 203-432-2665 to obtain the code. You can also take the Yale Shuttle (red, blue-day, or orange-day lines) which stops just across the street from 135 College.

For paper or canvas, we can accommodate up to 4 by 8 feet. For rigid artwork (canvas on stretcher or framed artwork), the maximum is approximately 7 by 7 feet. Please call to make arrangements for large sizes.

Yes, they generally cost $1 per page/frame.

Sorry, no. We can outsource that with a markup, or refer you to local vendors. 

Yes, we do have Yale stock images available. Use the contact links for such a request.

Yes, however this request should come from the client we shot photos for. To locate such files, we would need basic identifying information such as a job number, date of shoot, our contact, etc.

No, we retain files for approximately 6 months only. We do not archive; we simply cannot keep everything.

We can accept files from Powerpoint and other graphics programs, although PDF is the preferred format.

Normal turnaround for posters is 3 days. Same Day service (less than 8 hours) is available for posters, but incurs a 50% rush fee. If in a hurry, give us a PDF that you have previewed carefully and skip the proof.

We can print your poster at any size you request. It does not have to be one of the sizes on our price list. We will bill the closest size to your request.

We would need the time, duration, and exact address, contact info during the event (especially if after hours), type of photography needed (group shot, candids, etc), and charging instructions. Also let us know are you going to use the photographs (i.e. print, web, etc.). Is there a person or activity you would like us to focus on during the event?

It depends on the level of execution and detail as well as number of revisions, at $95/hour for complex illustrations and $85/hour for simple, vector-based graphics.

Digital printing is based on cost per unit, while offset (traditional press) printing incurs an initial set-up fee and then paper/ink cost to run the job. Generally, smaller runs (under 1,000) can be printed cost-effectively on digital printers, while larger runs become less expensive when they are offset. Their products are virtually indistinguishable.

Normally, we take care of the printing process in order to minimize any glitches that may occur. However, if you're up to it we can package the file for you to take to your printer. In that case, you will shepherd it through the printing process yourself.

Yes, but they must be high-resolution images for printing. Generally, images pulled from the web are low-resolution and cannot be used. Logos are best represented by using their original vector format (such as Illustrator).

The cost of producing a logo can vary tremendously. Some factors affecting this are: disagreement about the direction the logo should take, unclear about the purpose of the logo and how it will be used (for print, web, video?), and number of people involved in making these decisions. In the best cases, a logo will take about 5–6 hours to generate to completion.

Yes, we can provide any format/resolution you like. If you're unsure, just send us their directions and we'll read through them.

We can extract the graphics you did in Powerpoint for you and re-save them in another format (such as TIFF or JPEG).

Yes, we can turn the figures you started into something beautiful.