Centers: Photo & Design

Our professional photographers have decades of experience providing the Yale community with images from rare books and manuscripts, paintings, and museum objects. They are also available to take your portrait either in our state-of-the-art studio or on location, or provide memorable photos of special events such as graduations, speaking engagements, and ribbon cutting ceremonies. Please click "read more" to see examples of our photography work.
Illustration & Graphic Design
Photo & Design provides professional illustration services for a wide range of departments at Yale. With over 30 years’ experience, we have illustrated everything from surgical procedures, intracellular mechanisms, scientific journal covers, forestry flow diagrams, and patent application instruments to nanoparticles. Our graphic design services include brochures, postcards, logos, event posters, book covers, conference posters, invitations, and certificates, as well as professional support for graphics projects you may have started on your own. Please click "read more" to see examples of our illustration work. A graphics portfolio is also available under the "Graphic Design" link at upper left.
Digitization and Printing
Photo and Design provides digital captures and extremely accurate high-resolution digital scanning from books, maps, manuscripts, and flat artwork. For the best possible digital reproduction of large pieces of artwork or three-dimensional objects, please inquire about our new 80 megapixel cameras that provide 239 MB files.The results are outstanding! We also have an array of high-quality archival printers available to print many standard and custom sizes. Please click "read more" to see our gallery of digitization work.