About ITS

2013 ITS Annual Report

Investments in innovation, teaching, learning, research, and infrastructure are of fundamental importance to our future at Yale. Listening to our community is essential to satisfying the diverse technology needs of the University.

Faculty, staff, and student satisfaction with IT services has increased from 50 to 77 percent over the past two years as a result of a number of improvements in our core foundational technologies, security, and services (see Incremental Service, p. 20 in the Annual Report). Our goal is to increase faculty and staff satisfaction with IT to more than 90 percent. To achieve this goal, we must listen, collaborate, and deliver within our operational and fiscal constraints (see Challenges, p. 19). Also, IT must be a catalyst for innovation, improvement, and functional excellence.

In order to reach our goals with the resources that are available to us, IT must be fully transparent and aligned with the collective goals of the University. As we enter into the 2014 fiscal year, our new IT governance model (see Governance, p. 16) will complete its first full year in service. As this structure continues to evolve and mature, IT will become a stronger contributor to the overall success of the University.

We welcome your interest in technology at Yale and invite you to provide us with your feedback.


Len Peters
University Chief Information Officer
Associate Vice President