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Innovation in ITS

Innovation in ITS

To best serve the needs of the university, keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape, and meet our FY14 Critical Goals, Yale Information Technology Services must be agile, creative, and forward-thinking. In short, we need to build and sustain a culture of innovation.

The only way to accomplish this is to invite our most valuable resource, the Yale IT community, to shape innovation in ITS. To facilitate this, we have built a process in which every staff-generated idea is evaluated, and continue to work to create an environment that encourages innovative thinking and new approaches to the way we do our jobs.

These pages bring together information on Innovation in ITS, including what you can do to help us work smarter, faster, and better.

Innovation & Critical Goals

An innovative culture in Yale Information Technology Services provides the framework needed to attain the organization's seven Critical Goals for fiscal year 2014:

  • Achieve 90 percent community satisfaction by 2015
  • Cultural change through 100 percent adoption of ITIL and the Service Framework by 2015
  • All core technologies have a clear roadmap by FY15
  • Overall ready-to-serve (RTS) capacity needs are reduced to 80 percent by FY16
  • Contribute 5 percent productivity to ITS and Yale every year
  • Increase IT workplace commitment scores to over 75 percent
  • Deliver 100 percent of the approved portfolio annually

As we work toward achieving these goals, innovation will play an important role in improving processes and services; introducing new services; and decommissioning applications.

How Innovation in ItS Works

The Innovation Process

The Innovation Alignment Team has created a process designed to ensure valuable ideas become reality. Designated ITS staff members are responsible for the idea as it makes its way through each step of the process: an Innovation Champion monitors the idea through the initial screening and refinement; after approval by leadership, an Idea Owner guides and facilitates the implementation.

Crucial to the Innovation Process is the participation of all staff via voting and commenting in IdeaScale. During this period of refinement, the idea evolves and may split into multiple ideas or be combined with others.

Innovation Process

For more information:

The Innovation Tool: IdeaScale

IdeaScale is the cloud-based tool in which IT staff can submit ideas, and vote and comment on other's ideas. The tool is an integral part of ITS's innovation process.

The success of ITS's innovation depends on your contributions. Help us improve our systems, processes, tools, and resources by submitting your ideas to IdeaScale.

IdeaScale is now open for submissions. Submit your idea now!

Contact Us

If you have suggestions or questions about Innovation in ITS, please contact the Innovation Alignment Team.