About ITS

Technology Architecture Committee (TAC)


The Technology Architecture Committee (TAC) is comprised of technology leaders from across campus. It meets monthly to consider technology architectural standards. The committee applies an enterprise-wide perspective to business, application, data and infrastructure architecture domains and sponsors adherence across the portfolio of major technology initiatives. 


The TAC is led by the Chief Technology Officer and provides oversight and advice to institutional architecture strategy, execution, and alignment. 

The objectives of the TAC are to:

  • Support importance of enterprise perspective in technology decision-making
  • Define technology architecture standards and best practices
  • Define standard approaches for introducing new technology architecture initiatives
  • Encourage alignment and adoptions of standards and best practices
  • Participate in project prioritization and governance process as an advisory committee
  • Support risk management objectives

The activities of the TAC will be prioritized based on the agreed upon areas of urgency where an architectural point of view and eventual reference standard will provide the most value to Yale. Topics and standards will be shared and will be open to comment and observation.

As new technology is considered, an architectural review will take place and the project's technology will be categorized as one of:

  • Should be aligned with standards and is
  • Should be aligned with standards and is not
  • Does not need to be aligned with standards

Susan Kelley, Chief Technology Officer (Chair)

Syed Alli, Systems Programmer, Law School

Shane Anderson, Director Solution Architecture, Business Systems Group

Michael Appleby, Manager Software Engineering, Campus Community Technologies

Vincent Balbarin, Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

Richard Beebe, Sr. Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

John Coleman, Enterprise Architect, Office of the CTO

Adriana Corona, Senior Experience Designer, Campus Community Technologies

Ray Frohlich, Manager Enterprise Systems and Architecture, Library

Ken Hoover, Sr. Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

Louis King, Enterprise Architect, Office of the CTO

Morrow Long, Associate Director Forensics, ISPC

Lec Maj, Director User Experience and Web Services

Richard Mikelinich, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief HIPAA Security Officer

Andrew Newman, Enterprise Architect, Office of the CTO

Amit Poddar, Sr. Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

Philip Rinehart, Director Endpoint Engineering

Loriann Seluga, Director of the Student Technology Collaborative

Rob Starr, Principal Solution Architect, Infrastructure Design Services

Ken Wieler, Deputy Director IT, School of Management